Let’s wrestle together, brother!

She never knew she could get turned on by getting pinned to the ground by her own stepbrother…

Let's Get Ready to Taboo

Let’s Get Ready to Taboo: Wrestling at Home (stepbrother sister sex)

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Charlotte is tired of her stepbrother Owen watching wrestling on TV, it’s so stupid to watch grown men play acting this way. So Owen decides to show his sister what wrestling is really about.

But when he tackles her to the ground, she feels a familiar tingling between her legs and she instinctively starts rubbing against him. She knows she shouldn’t, it’s not allowed, it’s too TABOO! But she can’t help herself.

That’s when Owen begins to grind back against HIS SISTER!


Houseguests get together for sexy times

Here are the three stories in the Houseguests saga in a box set. Enjoy the brother-sister, mother-daughter, uncle-niece, aunt-nephew, and cousins orgy!


Houseguests: The Complete Taboo Saga (family orgy bundle)

In The Series
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=== The three books of the Houseguests series are bundled together! ===

Hot MILF Dana has family visiting this week – her stepbrother Willis and his son Rudy. Following the 25-year high school reunion, she rekindles her taboo relationship with Willis and it tells her that she wants to go back to having regular sex with him.

Of course, she’s used to going down that road. After all, she’s been making love to her adopted daughter Blair ever since she turned 18!

But what if her uncle Willis took her virginity? And what about the young hunk Rudy? What if Dana was his first woman?

This is a slippery slope though and it could lead to a family orgy…


Phone sex leads to REAL sex

This new story brings strangers together even though they’re NOT truly strangers, as it turns out!

Taboo Phone Operator

Taboo Phone Operator (MILF aunt nephew)


Ruben is feeling awkward about calling a phone sex service after he received a gift card. But exchanging with Gwynn, the mature woman turns out to be right out of his dreams!

They spend several days talking on the phone and eventually she agrees to meet him. That’s when the truth is revealed: the woman is actually HIS AUNT Helen!

Will they go through with this anyway? Can they look past the forbidden taboo when so much pleasure is at stake?


Mom and daughter will rock your world

Sleeping with a MILF is hot but when she wants her daughter to join in, YOU KNOW it’s going to be over the top!

Big Tip, Taboo Reward

Big Tip: A Taboo Reward (mom daughter threesome)

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Timothy is having the worst night ever. His student loans won’t come through, he’s been dumped, and he’s forced to take another shift at the casino restaurant. Even worse, this hot MILF stiffs him on a tip.

But then she takes pity on him and invite him to her room, promising to make it up to him…

In typical Vegas fashion, his luck turns around! The lady wants him to have a threesome with her and her barely legal DAUGHTER. You can’t say no to possibly the best night of your life, can you?


It takes an angel to bring family together

Happy Halloween!

Guardian Angel Taboo

Guardian Angel Taboo (stepbrother paranormal breeding)

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My life is going downhill fast. I have no money, no hope, and worst of all no man in my life. But that’s when I meet Salina my actual guardian angel!

Naturally, I’m doubtful at first but she’s really an angel and when she enters my body she makes me do something I never would have done on my own – she makes me seduce my own STEPBROTHER.

From there, my life becomes a whirlwind of emotions, from the taboo of the forbidden situation to the amazing pleasure my alpha brother is giving me.


Screw biology when desires are in the way!

Daddy and daughter cross the forbidden line after a shocking revelation 😉

Screw Biology

Screw Biology: A Man of the House Taboo (daddy daughter)

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My wife made me promise before she passed, I have to do it. I have to tell my daughter on her 18th birthday that I’m not her biological father.

While it terrifies me to do this, Jewel is ecstatic. She sees this as the perfect opportunity to SEDUCE ME!

Do I want to go this far with her even though she’s stunning and sexy? Even though it’s FORBIDDEN and TABOO?


A family orgy is what we need

Third and final part of the Houseguests series! Don’t forget to leave reviews if you like the books 🙂

houseguests 3

Houseguests 3: Taboo for Everyone (family orgy)

In The Series
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What a weekend it’s been! Going to bed with my stepbrother Willis after 25 years, talking him into taking my daughter’s virginity – his own niece! – and finally me being my nephew’s first woman.

It’s been amazing and hot but I don’t want any more secrets in this house, not if we’re to continue having fun this week. So I’m putting it all out there, making sure that everyone knows what kind of perverted debauchery has been going on.

My deepest wish is that this will lead to a family orgy…


Uncle pops her cherry

Blair finally loses her virginity in a threesome!

And aunt Dana might need to take care of her nephew…

houseguests 2

Houseguests 2: Taboo First Times (virgin niece and nephew)

In The Series
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It’s been such an adventure having my stepbrother Willis visiting this week. First we slept together for the first time in 25 years and now he’s about to take my adopted daughter’s virginity!

It’s such an honor to be there for my 18-year-old baby girl Blair, being asked to help as uncle pops her cherry. It gets me all worked up but I shouldn’t get involved, should I?

Besides, there’s also my nephew Rudy to think about. What will I do with him, especially after I catch him pleasuring himself in the garage?!

If my brother takes care of my daughter, perhaps I could take care of my nephew…


Screwing brother just like in our youth

What happens when the stepbrother who took your virginity comes to visit years later? Would you want to make your little girl enjoy it too?


Houseguests 1: Our Taboo Memories (stepbrother and mother-daughter love)

In The Series
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I love my stepbrother Willis but I hadn’t realized how much I missed him. In town for our 25-year high school reunion, memories come flooding back. Taboo memories.

Willis was the one who took my virginity when I was 18 and now I can’t stop thinking about that amazing summer we had!

It gets me thinking: wouldn’t he be the perfect choice to pop my adopted daughter’s cherry? This is what is going through my mind as I rekindle my forbidden love with my brother in the gazebo.

And then I tell him about the special lesbian relationship I have with my daughter. Maybe we could make this a family affair…


All the Kimmy books!

All three How Kimmy Changed Us stories are now available in a box set 🙂

How Kimmy Changed Us bundle

How Kimmy Changed Us: The Complete Taboo Set (family taboo novella)

In The Series
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Gorgeous young Kimmy has just turned 18 and her probation terms calls for her to stay with the Morgan family.

That’s when she proceeds to not only seduce every family member, but she talks them into having sex WITH EACH OTHER… Brother and sister, mother and father, and possibly even an all-out orgy!

But why is Kimmy doing this? Does she have an ulterior motive aside from pure hot taboo pleasure?


Taken roughly by daddy

She’s been misbehaving so daddy needs to punish her hard by making her his COMPLETELY!

Wholesome No More

Wholesome No More (daddy daughter)

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Why did mom have to marry Brad? He’s really cramping my style. I’m 18 and I want to party now that I’m back from boarding school.

But after he pinned me against the wall to read me the riot act, feeling his hard bulge on me, I knew I was lost. However, I can’t let him know that I want him to be MY FIRST!

I want him to take me roughly like I know only he can…


Mommy plays along

When she discovers her son’s forbidden crush on her, she intends to have taboo fun!


Home MILF: Taboo Attraction (stepmom sex)


My stepmom wants me to clean my room but I’m not fast enough so she starts without me. That’s when she discovers my porn stash and her panties that I stole.

I want to die, I’m so embarrassed… And then she tells me to pleasure myself in front of her!

She’s excited that I have a crush on her and maybe she feels the same way about me. After all, I’m a young stud about to go to college. Should I go through with it?