Uncle and pregnant niece do the deed

What better way to relive a breeding fantasy than with your uncle…

Glowing for Him

Glowing for Him: Pregnant Taboo (uncle niece)

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Sarah is pregnant to the gills. Eight months going on fifty. She likes being in this condition, but being single makes it difficult to satisfy her sky-high libido.

So things take a turn when her uncle Burt shows up to see how she’s doing. She’s not about to admit that she would give anything to be ravaged by a big strong man right now, naturally. You don’t say these things to a family member.

But when uncle Burt reveals that he is extremely attracted to pregnant women, all bets are off! She’s about to get the relief she craves and he’s about to fulfill his deepest fantasy…


Family taboo for inheritance

Enjoy this hot family saga!

Last Will: The Taboo Clause

Last Will: The Taboo Clause (stepbrother virgin stepdaughter)

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After the death of the long-lost relative, the Caudill family is unexpectedly invited to the reading of the will. That’s when they hear of a bombshell: they stand to inherit $1 billion, but on one condition.

They have to sleep with one another!

Great uncle Kermit had a peculiar lifestyle and he intends for it to endure. Will parents Ben and Cheryl be okay with this? Are the two step-siblings Marissa and Tommy going to accept what this entails? After all, Marissa is a virgin.

They have one week to discuss the situation, to discover if money is worth more than the forbidden taboo. And a lot can happen in one week…


Uncle ravages Bailey…

…and her MILF aunt gets involved too!

Bailey's Taboo Night

Bailey’s Taboo Night: Mature Trio (aunt uncle threesome)

In The Series
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Even though Bailey is falling in love with Seattle, she’s not sure she wants to go to college so far away from home. She’s simply going to miss sleeping with her stepdad and stepsister.

But 18-year-old Bailey discovers there may be other opportunities for taboo when she seduces her aunt Marlene. That’s exactly what the mature woman needs as her marriage is falling apart. She lets Bailey caress her, touch her…

When uncle Reggie shows up, secrets are revealed and Bailey knows that a torrid threesome is exactly what they all need to save their relationship.


So wrong and depraved in all the right ways!

Enjoy book #15 of the long-running collection of family fun 🙂

So Wrong 15

So Wrong 15: The Ultimate Taboo Box Set (10 incest stories)

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Into the fray once again because it’s so wrong and yet SO RIGHT! In this collection you’ll find 10 FAMILY SEX BOOKS by me, Cheri Verset.

You’re into daddy and stepdaughter swinging together? Sisters taking on some guys even each other? How about an alpha uncle or stepbrother? You’re into entire families being intimate?

Look no further! The stories are scorching and feature a decidedly controversial kink. They are:

Starry Nights Taboo
Try My Girl Out, Boss
How Bad Do You Want It?
Golden Age Taboo 5: Our Hero’s Welcome
Girly Games: Taboo Trio
Taboo Conjugal Visit
The Billionaire’s Duo: A Taboo First
Hush Now: Taboo in the Stacks
Bailey’s MILF Night: Taboo Trio
Houseguests 3: Taboo for Everyone


A taboo threesome for military man

Mommy and daughter are about to make a military officer stand at attention!

Red White and Blew

Red White and Blew (mother daughter threesome)

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It’s the Fourth of July and 18-year-old Meadow is in the mood. Everything around her is turning her on. So it’s second nature for her to pick up the handsome Army officer at the supermarket and blow him in the parking lot.

It’s not until she goes to her mother’s house that night that she realizes he’s her new boyfriend!

But is her mom mad about this? Of course not. Meadow and Judy have always been close, sharing men, sharing their bed. Tonight, the new boyfriend will find out the true meaning of fireworks with these two horny women…


Sisters in a trance

Can you breed sisters while they’re hypnotized and make them better people?

Do As I Say

Do As I Say: Taboo Brats

Genres: , , ,

Milton is a smart guy. He’s working on getting his PhD in neuroscience. So when he spots mean stepsisters Bronwyn and Angelica during the summer on the Jersey shore, he starts to elaborate a plan.

He will hypnotize them, make them have a threesome with him, and breed them!

It’s for their own good, right? But it’s also for revenge…


Southern MILF teaches her boy

Them hillbillies know how to have fun…

The Taboo Birds and the Bees

The Taboo Birds and the Bees (mother stepson)

Genres: ,

The talk about the birds and the bees was a long time ago but now Jimmy Lee is about to get a very taboo take on it!

It’s the 1940s and Jimmy Lee is eager to leave the farm and join the Navy, much to his parents’ disappointment. His dad Buford has an idea though. He will teach his son to be a real man before leaving.

And doing so involves making mother and stepson sleep together!

Buford starts by showing the 18-year-old how to treat a woman before he can do it himself. What starts as a regular Mississippi evening soon becomes a family threesome…


Daddy is seduced by daughter on Father’s Day

It starts with a secret glory hole blow job and takes off from there!

Bailey's Stud Night

Bailey’s Stud Night: Man of the House Taboo (daddy anal)

In The Series
Genres: ,

Having a threesome with my stepsister for Mother’s Day was the best thing to ever happen to me. It also made me realize that I’m definitely into the family taboo.

But since Eva isn’t sure if she wants to do it again with me, I turn my sights on my stepfather. The more I think about him and the stronger my desire becomes…

I have a plan. First I will arrange a secret encounter with daddy through a glory hole and then, on Father’s Day, I will tell him how I feel. I hope the fact that I offer him my cute little butt will allow me to seduce him!


Daddy is watching and I love it

A family going from voyeurs to participants!

Watch Us Play

Watch Us Play: Taboo for Three (daddy threesome)

Genres: , ,

Josie and her father have a special relationship. They love each other like man and wife but her dad won’t allow themselves to cross the line into forbidden territory.

So they have an arrangement: they can watch each other be with other people, but they can’t touch!

Brent is about to find this firsthand when he’s picked up at a club by the 18-year-old nymph and brought home so she can put on a show for daddy. But Brent is all too willing to see if the two of them can push the envelope to the limit in this peculiar threesome.


His aunt will be his first woman

This young man is about to lose his virginity…

His First Summer Taboo

His First Summer Taboo (aunt virgin nephew)


About to head to college, 18-year-old virgin Lars has to spend his summer vacation at a nudist camp with his family. Looking at naked women all day comes with a price though: being nude himself. That’s something he’s definitely not comfortable with.

But soon his aunt Mindy notices his shyness and takes him aside for a chat, telling him to relax, that it’s okay to be aroused around women. That’s when he notices what a beautiful MILF she is, all curves and feminine charms.

What he doesn’t know is that she intends to take his virginity! Will he let her?


Family orgy on a school night

Brother and sister are joined by their parents for a night of sexy fun…

Dirty Noises

Dirty Noises: A Taboo Home (family orgy)

Genres: , , , ,

Zeke and Samantha are getting frisky late at night when they hear dirty noises coming from inside the house. While beautiful mature Samantha is excited listening to what obviously is her daughter having some fun, Zeke thinks that she shouldn’t have people over on a school night.

Determined to stop these shenanigans, he goes to her room but the sound isn’t coming from there. Instead, it’s coming from their son’s room…

Their son Evan who never does anything wrong, who never even had a girlfriend. Sure enough, he has a girl in bed right now and it’s his STEPSISTER Whitney!

How will the parents react at finding these two 18-year-olds together in bed? Will it awaken their swinger tendencies to turn this into an orgy?


Two sisters together on Mother’s Day

Beautiful sisters will find how deep their love goes for each other… and with a horny biker!

Bailey's MILF Night

Bailey’s MILF Night: Taboo Trio (sisters threesome)

In The Series
Genres: , , ,

It’s Mother’s Day and my older stepsister has just gotten through a divorce. She’s the kind of goody-two-shoes who would never dare go out and have fun on her own.

That’s why I’m taking her out to a biker bar tonight. She needs to get pounded hard by a stranger to see that being single can be great!

And who knows, I might join her for a three-way. After all, I always had a crush on my big sister…