Two sisters get together on one lucky man

A cult which promotes threesomes with sisters can’t be all bad, right?

Taboo Cult 2

Taboo Cult: The Stud’s Initiation (lesbian sisters)

In The Series
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Max is young and rich but hasn’t found happiness until he meets Valerie. She’s everything he’s always dreamed of even if she’s part of the Davidson Institute of Communal Karma and Spirituality.

If he wants to be with her, he needs to accept that they’re a cult which promotes family members swinging together!

In order to get him used to the idea, Valerie sets up a threesome with her sister Anya. Will it be enough to convince Max?


Gotta fuck daddy to join the sex cult

Watching mom with Guru Dave is one thing, but can she sleep with her stepdad?

Taboo Cult1

Taboo Cult: The Brat’s Awakening (daddy daughter)

In The Series
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Valerie is at a crossroads. College isn’t for her and her adoptive parents are now part of the Davidson Institute of Communal Karma and Spirituality, a cult based on openness between the mind and the body.

It’s a place for swingers, honestly. It’s also a place for taboo!

If Valerie wants to join like her sister, she needs to open herself to sleeping with family members, especially dad…


Brother and sister holiday pleasure!

It’s time for siblings to explore themselves this Christmas 😉

Snow Job

Snow Job: Taboo Christmas (anal stepbrother)

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On Christmas Eve, Zelda is left alone with her stepbrother Noel in their Vermont cabin. Bored out of her mind, she starts snooping around and finds a mysterious box of old videos from her grandfather.

And on this video, grandpa is sleeping with her mom!

The two siblings watch this with fascination until they realize that they’re attracted to one another. Should they sleep together as well? That seems like a good way to get rid of boredom, right?


Being turned on by family members is so wrong in all the right ways!

Here is volume #16 of the long-running collection of family fun 🙂

So Wrong 16

So Wrong 16: The Ultimate Taboo Box Set (10 incest stories)

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Jumping in once again because it’s so wrong and yet SO RIGHT! In this collection you’ll find 10 FAMILY SEX BOOKS by me, Cheri Verset.

You’re into daddy and stepdaughter getting intimate? Sisters taking on some guys and even each other? How about an uncle with his pregnant niece or a stepbrother with his baby sister? You’re into entire families swinging together?

Look no further! The stories are scorching and feature a decidedly controversial kink. They are:

Dirty Noises: A Taboo Home
Last Will: The Taboo Clause
His First Summer Taboo
Watch Us Play: Taboo for Three
Glowing for Him: Pregnant Taboo
The Taboo Birds and the Bees
Red White She Blew
Back Door on Taboo Street
Do As I Say: Taboo Brats
Bailey’s Stud Night: Man of the House Taboo


Seduced by sister, taken by father

Going from romance to domination with almost everyone in the family…

Finding Pleasure Everywhere

Finding Pleasure Everywhere: Taboo Encounters (daddy sisters)

Genres: , , ,

I’ve always been shy so it takes me by surprise when my sister Britney tells me that the way to get self-confidence is by being more sexually adventurous. And before I can ask what she means, she seduces me!

It’s so good and liberating that I’m not even shocked when my sister explains that it was our stepdad who made her explore her wild side.

What do I do? Should I let daddy teach me how to be a woman?


Breeding cousin and mother

The last episode is about to show you what really goes on behind the white picket fences 😉

You can find the entire series here:

Debauchery on Taboo Street

Debauchery on Taboo Street (aunt niece stepmom MILF)

In The Series
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Luke hasn’t slept with his stepmom Rhea in a long time and now he can’t get her out of his head. But when he gets to her house on Taboo Street, he finds his cousin Stephanie already there.

As it turns out, mom and her 18-year-old niece have been role-playing together for some time. They fantasize about creating a taboo family for themselves, Stephanie becoming a hucow made to serve men, getting bred for them…

That’s when they ask Luke if he wants to participate in a menage to make his cousin pregnant!


Two brothers, one slut

What’s the best way to enjoy taboo? It’s to get as much of it as possible, of course!

All the episodes so far are here:

Taken on Taboo Street

Taken on Taboo Street (brothers manage)

In The Series
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Melanie is shocked after witnessing a father and his barely legal daughter being so shamelessly intimate. The only thing that can calm her down now is to sleep with someone. But who?

She goes to her friend Marvin’s and tells him everything. It turns out he’s into taboo himself, often sharing women with his brother Luke. Would that be something she could be interested in?

Torn between curiosity and excitement, Melanie finds herself considering having a menage with the two handsome siblings…


Anal daughter wants it bad

You’ll never believe was happening on Taboo Street!

Back Door on Taboo Street

Back Door on Taboo Street (daddy anal)

In The Series
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I have a very unhealthy fixation on daddy. I want him, I need him! I know I would be perfect for him even if it’s forbidden.

He’s always out with these other girls. So why not me instead? Can’t he see how drenched he makes me?

But I have a plan. I will give him what he can’t get elsewhere: access to my butt!

I’ve never done it before but I will do ANYTHING for daddy…


Aunt Libbie finds her inner slut

When her nephew shoots a load in her panties, Libbie decides it’s time to have some fun, just like when she was young.

Sticky Panties Taboo

Sticky Panties Taboo (aunt nephew uncle menage)


When doing laundry, mature Libbie discovers that her panties are covered with cum. At first, she thinks it’s from her husband Philip, but he assures her that he didn’t do it.

That means there’s only one suspect: their nephew!

This revelation rekindles their passion as well as their swinger lifestyle. What if they had a threesome between aunt, uncle, and nephew?


How Zoey became a taboo woman

Secrets are learned and pleasure is within this teenager’s grasp… with daddy!

Taboo Rite of Passage

Taboo Rite of Passage (mom daddy daughter threesome)

Genres: , , ,

While visiting her grandmother’s farm, barely legal Zoey learns a shocking secret: the people in her family have been sleeping with their parents on their 18th birthday for generations.

It’s a ritual initially designed for family bonding but now devoted to pleasure. Jack and Holly decided not to bring up their daughter this way but when the teenager learns about it, she’s determined not to let forbidden relations get in the way.

She wants daddy to sleep with her. She even wants mom to be there to watch, touching herself and sharing the taboo.

Zoey can’t wait to go through this taboo rite of passage!


Bundle Bailey

All three taboo stories featuring this nympho now available…

Bailey Does It All

Bailey Does It All: Taboo Bundle (family sex collection)

In The Series
Genres: , , , , , ,

Some girls can’t get enough of taboo and Bailey fits the bill! This collection features three of her forbidden adventures.

Bailey’s MILF Night: Threesome between stepsisters and a rough biker on Mother’s Day.

Bailey’s Stud Night: For Father’s Day, Bailey seduces her stepdad.

Bailey’s Taboo Night: Away from home, Bailey arranges a menage with her aunt and uncle.


Daddy catches, daddy punishes

Jeannie must pay the price for riding in cars with boys 😉

Bad Brat Caught

Bad Brat Caught: First Time Taboo (daddy first time virgin)

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Daddy caught me. I don’t understand, I was being careful with the boy in the car, but he saw everything. He stopped me just before I lost my virginity.

And now dad says that if I don’t do a striptease for him, he’ll tell what I did to my mother. That means I will lose my new car, my college education. Everything.

But why is daddy so rough with me? Why do I let him do this to me? So much humiliation, spanking… So much pleasure! My first time will be TABOO in every way!