Don’t blame daddy if he’s horny, it’s his pills!

Teen sisters Ember and Alisa take advantage of their dad while he’s on experimental drugs with weird side effects!

Taboo Side Effects: Two Brats Help Out

Taboo Side Effects: Two Brats Help Out (sisters and daddy sex)

Genres: , , ,

Why is daddy getting hard while he’s hugging his stepdaughters this Thanksgiving?

The two sisters Ember and Alisa find themselves intrigued when mom informs them that their stepfather is on an experimental drug that makes him horny and inappropriate.

Left alone with him one evening, the two brats decide to push the limits and see how far they can go with daddy and how much taboo pleasure they can have together!


Two stepbrothers on their baby sister!

TWO brothers, one little sister, a kinky menage!

Twice the Taboo

Twice the Taboo (sister and two brothers)

Genres: , ,

Jennings is stuck visiting Dallas for work but it’s also a good opportunity to see his brother Orland and their 18-year-old stepsister Chloe who has moved in with him.

However, he can’t shake off the feeling that something strange is going on. His brother and sister seem closer than ever. They’re acting as if they’re a couple, always holding hands, fooling around together.

But what if there was more to it? What if they were having sex together? Would the older brother be okay with it? Would he join in for a threesome if given the choice?


Two box sets – 13 TABOO stories!

Time for some taboo bundles!

Closer Than Most

Closer Than Most: 11 Taboo Home Stories

Genres: , , ,
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Stepbrothers, anyone? You want a collection of stories featuring brothers and sisters having sweet forbidden fun together?

This is it! This box set includes the following 11 stories:

Brother Films Us Having Sex (aka Film Me Join Me Thrill Me)
Sister Sloppy Seconds (aka Adopted Sloppy Seconds)
The Forbidden Taboo 5
In-Law Lactation (aka Engorged and In Need)
Brother Does It Better (aka Aiden Does It Better)
Brother Does It Better 2 (aka Aiden Does It Better 2)
Hillbilly Taboo Homecoming
What Have We Done?!
My Husband, His Sister, and Me (aka The Taboo Weekend)
Desert Island Taboo
The Forbidden Taboo 7


Close-Knit bundle

Close-Knit: The Bundled Taboo Series

In The Series
Genres: , , , , , ,
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First there was Brody and his wife Amber Jade deflowering her sister Shae.

Then it was the two sisters had rough sex with daddy before the family orgy.

Now both stories can be found together in the same box set!


What if siblings did more than just kiss innocently?

Brother and stepsister let their masks drop and reveal how much they’re eager to cross into taboo territory…

Like Luke and Leia

Like Luke and Leia: A Taboo Masked Ball

Genres: ,

During a Halloween party, Dale starts making out with a gorgeous stranger. She’s everything he’s always wanted, young and horny.

But when he brings her home and their masks fall, they both discover they are SIBLINGS!

Will they put an end to this crazy situation? Will Dale try to convince his barely legal stepsister that having sex together is only the normal progression of their already close relationship?


Sex can cheer up daddy!

This 18-year-old daughter isn’t as innocent as she pretends to be!

I Won't Say No Tonight

I Won’t Say No Tonight (daddy daughter anal sex)

Genres: ,

Daddy is feeling down these days and Lacey knows it’s because of his recent separation. At first, her goal is to cheer him up but soon her fantasies bubble to the surface.

She remembers how wet she’s always been thinking about her stepdad!

So on a hot summer night in his tiny trailer, she decides it’s time to seduce him…


Yes, it Rhymes With: Truck Me, Danny!

Yes, you read the title correctly. Can you guess what the story is about?

Rhymes With Truck Me Danny

Rhymes With: Truck Me, Danny (daddy daughter sex)

Genres: ,

Sexy 18-year-old Tamara is fed up with her overbearing mom and wants to move in with daddy. Only he’s about to leave for a long-haul delivery to California. That’s when she decides to tag along.

She soon regrets her decision because life on the road can be extremely dull, but when night falls, when she gets stuck in the sleeper cab and discovers her father’s dirty magazines about incest, she realizes that family love might be what she needs after all…


Her uncle’s sausage for Oktoberfest

Fun taboo Oktoberfest story :-)

Heidi and the Bratwurst

Heidi and the Bratwurst: A Taboo Brat Story (uncle niece)

Genres: ,

Staying with her uncle in Germany for Oktoberfest, 18-year-old Heidi comes home late, drunk, and HORNY.

When uncle Dieter catches her pleasuring herself with a sausage in the kitchen, he decides he needs to punish her with some rough sex.


Virgin bred by her brother!

Stepbrother is always better…

Deliciously Impaled

Deliciously Impaled (virgin sister)

Genres: ,

Even though I’m actually a virgin, I’m pretty much a nympho. I think about sex all the time! That’s what led to me getting caught by my stepbrother while pleasuring myself with a zucchini.

So embarrassing! But it gives me an idea. What if I had my first time with him? Could my brother breed me too?


Hot & sophisticated taboo stories

The bundled Golden Age Taboo stories are now available at a nice discount.

Golden Age Taboo Bundle of Parts 1-2-3

Golden Age Taboo: Bundle of Parts 1-2-3 (family sex box set)

In The Series
Genres: , , , , , ,

Follow the Lenhardt family through the 1920s and 1930s as they discover taboo sex!

In “Golden Age Taboo 1: Flapper’s First Time” Georgina loses her virginity to her brother.

In “Golden Age Taboo 2: No Guilt Tonight” Georgina gets intimate with her father, including sweet anal love.

In “Golden Age Taboo 3: Group Performance” Georgina and her mother participate in an all-out orgy for rough gangsters and dad ends up joining in.


Spanked by daddy can be a good thing, yes?

A spanking from daddy, what’s not to like?!

Good Kind of Sore: The Misbehaving Taboo Brat

Good Kind of Sore: The Misbehaving Taboo Brat (daddy daughter)

Genres: ,

Daddy is a big man, all muscles and attitude. And now he’s about to punish me because I had a party at home!

Is it weird that I get turned on by him spanking me? Is he going to notice and take me hard right here on the floor?


More than turbulence for these two siblings

Locked in a cramped airplane bathroom, a brother and sister will test the limits of their love.

Mile-High Brat

Mile-High Brat: A Taboo Discovery (brother sister sex)

Genres: ,

Courtney woke up too quickly from a sex dream and the worst part is that she doesn’t have time to masturbate to a full orgasm. She has to rush to the airport to catch a flight with her stepbrother Tyson.

Stuck for six hours on a plane. With her handsome brother. Desperately HORNY!

But what if they made things more interesting by talking about the Mile-High Club? And what if Courtney was willing to try it?


At 18 she can join mommy for a three-way, yes?

Mom is going to show you a thing or two!

Watch and Learn

Watch and Learn: Teaching the Brat (mother daughter threesome)

Genres: , ,

Troy is getting blown in the living room and it feels great. He just met Madge in a bar and she invited him home. He’s looking forward to ravaging her all night.

And that’s when he notices that her 18-year-old daughter Sierra is spying on them!

At first he finds it strange but then he realizes Madge is getting turned on by having her VIRGIN daughter watching.

Feeling mischievous, Troy invites the teenager over to watch and learn. Maybe if he plays his cards right she’ll invite him to pop her cherry!