Would you be gangbanged by your brother?

She’s so horny that she won’t care that one of the guys who shows up for her gangbang is her brother!

Five Guys Between My Thighs

Five Guys Between My Thighs (brother sister gangbang)

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I always wanted to be gangbanged and tonight I’m making it happen. Five guys, one motel room. My fantasies are coming true!

Except that one of the guys who shows up is MY STEPBROTHER!

Can I go through with it?


Brother and sister share a bed at the motel

Forced proximity can definitely make you consider family taboo…

No Tell Motel

No Tell Motel: Our Unexpected Taboo (stepbrother sister romance)

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Halfway through a long drive, Rebecca and her handsome stepbrother Alex stop at a motel for the night. There’s only one problem, they have to share the bed.

It’s all right, Rebecca is 18 now and she can be mature about things. In fact, things are going well until they decide to watch an adult pay-per-view movie. You know, just for giggles.

Suddenly, neither of them can hold back the growing lust! Will they only touch themselves under the bed sheets or will the siblings go ALL THE WAY together?


10 family sex stories in So Wrong #11

This collection has a little bit of everything for the discerning reader looking for hot family taboo!

So Wrong 11

So Wrong 11: The Ultimate Taboo Box Set (10 incest stories)

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Back once more because it’s so wrong and yet SO RIGHT! In this collection you’ll find 10 FAMILY SEX BOOKS by me, Cheri Verset.

You’re interested in fathers and stepdaughters swinging together? Sisters and mom too? How about a hunky stepbrother?

Look no further! The stories are scorching and feature a decidedly controversial kink. They are:

Rhymes With: Truck Me, Danny
Twice the Taboo
I Won’t Say No Tonight
Watch and Learn: Teaching the Brat
Like Luke and Leia: A Taboo Masked Ball
That Sweet Pink Paradise
Taboo Christmas Morning
Santa’s Eggnog: Thirsty Taboo Brat
Christmas Stockings Taboo
Hot Sticky Nights


Is he jerking off with my panties?!

Her brother is a criminal – a HORNY criminal! She’s about to do some very frowned upon and dirty things with him…

House Arrest: Taboo Choices

House Arrest: Taboo Choices (brother sister sex)

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This holiday weekend sucks. All my friends are gone and my parents left me alone with my stepbrother Chase. He’s under house arrest for grand theft auto. So I’m stuck with him. For three days.

But when I catch him pleasuring himself in my room with MY OWN panties, I realize something shocking: he has a thing for me!

Should I be disgusted? Is it wrong that I’m feeling something moist between my thighs?


DP for mommy, starring father and son

Kimberly was expecting a quiet morning screw but she never imagined her son joining them for a threesome…

Wife's Special Taboo Day

Wife’s Special Taboo Day (mother father son menage)

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It’s Mother’s Day and Kimberly is surprised with breakfast in bed. She’s looking forward to a lazy day, getting serviced by her husband, but she never expected that her stepson was also in on the surprise.

She never expected for her son to have taboo feelings for her!

What follows is a scorching menage as a gorgeous mature woman is taken by both her husband and SON! Can she put her inhibitions aside and enjoy herself?


Daddy has such a big cock

Ever wanted to touch daddy’s thing while he’s asleep?

Well-Equipped Man of the House

Well-Equipped Man of the House (daddy daughter)

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I didn’t think it would be hot to watch daddy making out with a woman, but it is. It makes me so wet just thinking about it!

So when at night he comes to our hotel room drunk and I find him sleeping naked, I can’t help myself. I need to touch his thing. It’s so BIG…

I just hope he won’t be angry at me when he wakes up.


Taboo confession to daddy

It’s time to tell daddy how much he makes my pussy wet!

My Taboo Confession

My Taboo Confession (daddy daughter)

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I spent years keeping these feelings bottled up. But I can’t anymore. I need to tell daddy how much I need him, how much I want him to ravage me hard!

So I’m writing him a letter to confess all my taboo fantasies, what I’ve done, what I imagine him doing to me.

I hope it will make him understand that there’s nothing wrong with seducing his little girl.


Family orgies – 10 stories’ worth!

That’s right, this box set contains nothing but stories about family group sex! Threesomes, foursomes, and even more awesome 🙂

Swinging Together: 10 Family Orgy Stories

Swinging Together: 10 Family Orgy Stories

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Sometimes one family member isn’t enough. Sometimes you need more than just daddy to take care of your needs. Sometimes you need a whole bunch of family members to make all your fantasies come true!

This collection contains 10 SCORCHING stories about taboo group swinging, family-style. They are:

CumSwapping Sisters aka Trailer Park Intimacy
Pregnant by Daddy and Horny for Mommy aka Getting Preggers Taboo-Style Again
Sharing Wet Sisters aka Sharing is Caring
Our Daughter in Our Bed aka Our Precious Girl in Our Bed
The Forbidden Taboo 2
The Forbidden Taboo 6
The Forbidden Taboo 8
The Forbidden Taboo 9
My Stepdaughter, The Nympho aka Everyone at Home is Fair Game
Taking the Stripper Twins aka Identical Dancers Taboo


Last family alive must repopulate the earth… with each other!

Mom teaches son to breed his sister while daddy takes his youngest daughter’s virginity. Interested?

We Must Repopulate

We Must Repopulate (family breeding orgy)

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After the world has ended, there’s only one family left standing. For the last two years, they’ve made a nice life for themselves on this private tropical island. But one thing is clear: if humanity is to go on, they need to repopulate.

This means Grover needs to impregnate – to BREED – his two stepdaughters, with the help of his son Toby.

It’s wrong, it’s taboo, but it must be done. It’s for the greater good and even mom is on board, willing to teach Toby how to please a woman.


Uncle takes niece’s virginity!

She wanted to nice college boy to pop her cherry but it’s her uncle who did it instead 😉

Spring Break Me In

Spring Break Me In: My First Taboo (virgin niece and uncle)

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I thought my first college spring break would be amazing but it turns out no one wants a virgin 18-year-old like me.

So after I go back to my uncle’s house, where I’m staying in Florida, I have a heart-to-heart conversation with him. That’s when he drops a bomb on me: he thinks I’m HOT!

Is it weird that I feel the same way about him? After all, he’s my uncle. But I have this urge, I want him to be my first SO BAD…


Mommy and daughter up for a threesome

The daughter is a movie star but she screws like a porn star… even more so when she brings her mom along!

Tag Team Taboo

Tag Team Taboo (mom daughter threesome)

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In LA for business, Ted finds himself talking to young phenom Sapphira Oreck, the new Hollywood IT girl. He hits it off with the 19-year-old and he invites her to the luxury yacht he chartered for the weekend. She accepts.

But she brings her stepmom along!

Ted is crestfallen but then he discovers the two women sunbathing topless together. Suddenly they seem a lot closer than he would’ve thought.

They might actually be close enough to have a THREESOME together…


MILF helps out her son

This story is completely twisted and I think that’s what makes it so hot!

Because He Needs a MILF

Because He Needs a MILF (mom son)


“Should I masturbate my son?”

This is driving me insane! My poor adopted boy is disabled and he can’t take care of his own needs. So because I’m an experienced woman with needs, should I take care of him?

The 19-year-old is so handsome too! Would it be okay for me to stroke him in his bath? And what if we did more together? Maybe he would like his mom to ride him so we could both pleasure ourselves even though it’s wrong and completely taboo…